Just  outside my apartment, on the street below live four pups and their mother.I have been watching the dogs from my balcony for a few weeks now.At first the pups were holed up in a dry gutter along the side of the road,now they’re are little older and running all over the place.They were six initially,now it’s down to four.A happy,friendly bunch!Children from the near by slums would come and roughly handle them,kick them about and pelt stones on them.Even street hawkers would be rude to them.Why? they do not know how to be kind.Their parents are too busy erking out a living and have no time to see what they are up to or if they do…..they look the other way.They all seem to think animals are hardy enough to endure such treatment.I’ve seen toddlers about two or three years old pelting stones at these pups as they were under their mother suckling.

It broke my heart to see such tiny,helpless pups being treated like this-so off I went and got hubby involved as well to tell these people not to treat them so.We took milk from home daily and stood there till they’d finish slurpping.Today,these pups live in front of our apartment gate on the roadside-they’ve made another dry gutter their home and We continue to feed them.
Now,you must be thinking why can’t I adopt them? For two reasons -one we travel quite a bit and two, we live in an expensive  apartment complex and my neighbours may not like me bringing in these “Pariah dogs” as the local dogs are called. I really want to!!! My parents,who live out of town, take in many strays ,but they live in a house with a garden.People here,in our flat ,have expensive dogs and claim to be animal lovers-yet only a few came out to give food to the pups,that too after we started giving them their daily feed.Animal lovers they surely are!…..their love being limited to expensive pure-breeds.

In India there are many dogs of all sizes roaming the streets,eat
ing out of dustbins and braving sticks and stones daily.There are some organizations that neuter the dogs and put them back on the street.There are animal shelters too and a few good souls who adopt these Pariah dogs.The vast majority live on  the roadsides.Pariah dogs are of the lowest breed and hence not welcome in many homes.BUT….from what I read up on them,they are about the oldest breed of dogs and were brought in by the many invaders who came in hundreds of years ago.Brought in from foreign shores,some pure-breeds and some dogs from those lands just followed these people,even Alexander the great came here with his dogs-so when they left,many dogs were left back.Back in the day it was only the elite that kept dogs,so there were few takers for these animals here!

Whats to be done for these strays???…nobody seems to have a  proper solution and they continue to languish on the streets of India.

Personally,I think people here shouldn’t be spending such insane amounts of money to purchase cute,pure-bred dogs-instead they should adopt  at least one of these strays,they are such loyal,friendly and watchful dogs…..and they look good too.No animal lover in the true sense of the word can turn their backs on them.I think some buy expensive dogs to keep up with the Jones,for others it’s a status symbol.On a recent TV show here,there was this story of a dog whose master feeds him with dry fruits,houses him in an AC room,gives him nothing but the best and the total bill ,they say is about the cost of a Mercedes.Ha! at a loss for words!The least people can do is give a little corner in their garden for these strays…….my parents still do. 

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