The Times of India (delhi edition) news this morning SHOCKED me.The baby it said was thrown out by her MOM.Why??…Who would do such a wicked deed?The article went on to say,the child was wailing loudly and passers -by called in the cops. It’s really hard to understand why humans act like this.What cruelty!  How can a mother Discard her kid like trash! For the full story log on to their online edition.

The child is 11days old now , If her parents can’t be traced or refuse to care for her she may be  given up for adoption.For now,the authorities are taking care of her.In India these stories pop up from time to time and it never fails to shock us each time.But why??Surely there are adoption centers/orphanages? The problem is a complex one,and I’d rather not get into that now.It’s a well known fact that here folks prefer boys to girls.Sons have always been given importance in eastern societies.Much is expected from sons,they carry on the family name and  are expected to shoulder the family’s responsibility.Sons are a prized possession and with the dowry system still thriving here-A son’s marriage will flood the family with new money.
The girl’s family has to give a  dowry,whatever the groom’s side demands they try to give or there’ll be no marriage.Though illegal,it’s still thriving.So, you see girls are considered a liability-money flows out of the family,whereas boys bring wealth.That’s the general belief.  


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